Before you buy a home in New Jersey, it’s important to have every aspect of it inspected by a reputable home inspection company like MRM Home Inspections, LLC. That includes having a garage inspection performed to see what kind of condition it is in.

Garage Inspection Services

We offer garage inspections to customers throughout New Jersey. From taking a look at garage doors to checking out the garage floor condition, we will inspect all the components of a garage and let you know about any potential safety hazards that we find inside or outside of it. We also inspect garage door springs, openers and other safety features.

At MRM Home Inspections, LLC, we’ll look at a garage from top to bottom during a garage inspection and point out any major or minor defects that we see in our home inspection report. While we’re conducting a garage inspection, we’ll be sure to carefully inspect things like:

  • Garage doors and Springs
  • Exterior integrity
  • Firewall
  • Floor condition
  • Garage door openers and safety features
  • Interior
  • Material

We understand the last thing you want to do is purchase a home that has a garage filled with problems. It could lead to the need for costly repairs down the line, and it could also put you and your family’s safety in jeopardy. We’ll make sure you don’t have to worry about anything by performing a thorough garage inspection and inspecting everything from top to bottom.

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